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Technological Capacity

Technological Capacity

Our interest in technological innovation has made it possible for us to add new diagnostic areas that are changing the healthcare paradigm. We are currently facing major challenges like continuous technological investment, not only to ensure greater efficiency in diagnostic processes but also to promote digital transformation in the sector, strengthening new communication channels with our clients that help make our service more accessible. Quality management and hiring talent are also priorities.

Technology contributes to the automation of practically all our processes, meaning that a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) plays a crucial role as a comprehensive integration and management tool; from the registration of requests to the release of the results report, with both processes performed via web or app. From a productive point of view, specialised robotics are becoming increasingly relevant in the management and control of the analytical and post-analytical process (archiving and storing samples).

At Laboratorio Echevarne, we are committed to offering exacting standards in the control and management of the preanalytical phase, with different diagnostic platforms providing excellent performance and a rapid response, linked to a reference laboratory that is integrated with the network and staffed by specialist professionals in all the different areas.

Our long-term goal is to offer new diagnostic tests that provide additional vital information for medical professionals. One example of this is the new tests that are now being developed, which are not only designed to diagnose diseases but also to guide their prognosis and treatment. Another area that is also evolving is predictive medicine and, finally, non-invasive procedures in the sample collection.


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