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Health Industry

Health Industry

Analysis of bioburden according to ISO 11737-1

  • Validation of the method and determination of the population of microorganisms in products*
*See the tests covered by the Accreditation.

Sterility test according to ISO 11737-2 for the definition, validation and maintenance of sterilisation processes

  • Validation of control method and sterility test*
*See the tests covered by the Accreditation.

Determination of sterilisation waste in a medical device: Ethylene oxide, propylene and ethylene chlorohydrin

Biocompatibility tests according to ISO 10993

  • Skin sensitisation (OECD 406)
  • Intercutaneous test
  • Cytotoxicity (test)
  • Systemic injection test
  • Haemolysis test (ASTM F796-00)
  • Ames Test
  • Implantation test

Other toxicology tests

  • Dermal irritation test
  • Mucous membrane irritation tests (oral, rectal, vaginal...)
  • Acute toxicity (LD50), oral and/or dermal
  • Pyrogen testing
  • Endotoxins test (LAL)

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