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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Determination of active ingredients for sanitary registration:

Determination of active ingredients for sanitary registration

  • Phytosanitary products, biocide.

Determination of quaternary ammoniums

  • Traces of heavy metals, solvents.
  • Control of metal migration.

Tests to evaluate safety for health

  • Dermal irritation test.
  • Ocular irritation test.
  • Classification according to the degree of corrosion (according to the regulations on storage of chemical products).
  • Skin sensitisation test.
  • Acute toxicity test (LD50), oral.
  • Acute toxicity test (LD50), dermal.
  • Acute inhalation toxicity.
  • Short-term toxicity (dose repeated 28 days).
  • Sub-chronic toxicity at 90 days
  • Mutagenesis tests. Ames Test.
  • Toxicity tests for reproduction.
  • Toxicokinetic tests

Ecotoxicity tests

  • Acute toxicity in fish.
  • Acute toxicity in algae.
  • Acute toxicity in Daphnia.
  • Biotic degradation tests.
  • Biodegradation tests.
  • Long-term toxicity in Daphnia.
  • Long-term toxicity in fish.

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