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The Haematology unit offers haemostasis, coagulation and special tests. It is primarily dedicated to the study of blood, a determination in which the erythrocyte (red), leukocyte (white) and platelet series are measured globally and as a percentage.

Other parameters are also analysed, such as the screening of coagulation tests and special tests, which help to determine disorders in blood coagulation, and follow-up.

The data obtained can be of great importance in certain pathological situations, of greater or lesser clinical entity, always accompanied by cytological and immune-haematological studies.

Basic automated haematology

  • Haemogram and formula
  • Manual review of cytomorphological alterations
  • Cell count in biological fluids
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)


  • Cytological diagnosis in peripheral blood
  • Cytology in biological fluids
  • Studies in bone marrow and hematopoietic tissues
  • Immunocytochemical and immunophenotyping techniques


  • Coagulation tests
  • Studies of coagulation factors and proteins


  • Study of haemolytic anaemias
  • Determination of blood groups
  • Study of irregular antibodies

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