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Veterinary Anatomical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology

The Pathology Unit of the veterinary laboratory of Echevarne is a reference for veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the country, uniting qualified personnel with the most advanced technical means.

Since 2019, the Unit has been operating under a Digital Pathology system, a system that is progressively being implemented throughout the world and replacing the traditional conventional analog microscopy system. Digital Pathology is based on the use of high resolution scanners that digitize the histological preparations, so that the diagnosis is made on screens with dedicated image management software. In this way we obtain greater versatility, delocalisation, quick access to archived material and greater capacity for information management (cell counting, measurements of sizes or surfaces, etc).

In addition to the usual diagnostic support techniques (Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry), Molecular Biology (PCR, HIS) techniques are used that are progressively incorporated into this discipline.

Echevarne Veterinaria offers a necropsy service for pets. The interdisciplinary coordination of this department with those of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology allows to offer a comprehensive diagnostic service.

This area is formed by the pathologists Daniel Borràs and Georgina Doria. Daniel Borràs has twenty years of dedication in this field, seven of them in the Department of Pathology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Barcelona (UAB) and the last thirteen in Citopat. Borrás has published articles in national and international journals, teaches Cytology courses aimed at clinicians, has participated as a speaker at conferences and is co-author of several books in his specialty. In addition, he was a pioneer in performing necropsies in the private sector.

Georgina Doria is Diploma from the European College of Veterinary Pathology (ECVP) and has also published several works in national and international journals.

One of the main objectives of Echevarne is the advice to the client. Pathological Anatomy being a largely interpretative specialty, Echevarne Veterinaria prioritizes a fluid communication between the pathologist and the veterinarian, to collaborate and provide the necessary information for decision making.

Special techniques

  • Histochemistry (PAS, Grocott’s methenamine silver stain, Ziehl-Neelsen Congo Red stain…)
  • Immunohistochemistry (cell identification, cell proliferation factors…)
  • Molecular pathology (PCR)
  • PARR (PCR Antigen Receptor Rearrangement)


  • Archive of preparations and histological blocks, following current regulations
  • Anatomopathological diagnosis of biopsies and surgical parts
  • Diagnosis of general cytology samples (liquid-based cytology, fine needle aspiration, etc.)
  • Necropsies
  • Telepathology service

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