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Echevarne Veterinary

Our requirement and commitment position us as a reference veterinary laboratory in special techniques. We have a wide catalog of more than 500 tailored tests and profiles for all types of animal species: dogs, cats, horses, exotic and wild.

Our specific analysis units such as pathological anatomy, microbiology and biochemistry, among others, allow us to serve clinical and industrial veterinarians.

Anatomical Pathology

The Anatomical Pathology unit aims to become a benchmark in pathology for veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the country, bringing together qualified personnel with the most advanced technology. In addition to the usual diagnostic support techniques (histochemistry and immunohistochemistry), it uses techniques of molecular biology (PCR, HIS) that are progressively finding their place in this discipline.


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Clinical Veterinary

The Veterinary Department was created in 1995 and is one of the pioneer laboratories in the implementation and adaptation of the most innovative analytical techniques, placing them at the service of veterinary professionals.
Nowadays, we offer a specific laboratory diagnosis for veterinary clinics, zoos and related establishments and entities that work with different animal species.


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Industrial Veterinary

The aim of the Industrial Veterinary area is to work towards improving the quality of our clients' products and processes. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of analysis and advisory services that cover the needs of the veterinary industry.
Our highly qualified staff works with state-of-the-art equipment to offer the highest quality to companies in the food sector and to pharmaceutical companies with a veterinary division.


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Safety and Efficacy Studies

Echevarne Veterinary works with research centres, service companies and the pharmaceutical industry to carry out safety and efficacy studies.
Its activity can be adapted to comply with Good Laboratory Practices for some of these studies. In this case, the laboratory's Quality Assurance Unit carries out inspections of these studies, as well as of facilities and processes.


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