Laboratorio de análisis Echevarne

Agri-food Industry

Agri-food Industry

Analysis of foods

Microbiological analyses

  • Indicator and index microorganisms
  • Altering and pathogenic microorganisms
  • Identification of microorganisms
  • Rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms by PCR
  • Determination of vitamins by microbiological methods
  • Parasitology
  • Environmental and surface controls
  • Validation of sanitation procedures
  • Validation of disinfectants
  • Control of manipulators
  • Control of drinking water

Physical and chemical analysis

  • Immediate principles (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, ash, moisture), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibre
  • Nutrition Labelling Group 1 (energy value, protein, carbohydrates, fats) and Group 2 (energy value, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, saturated fatty acids, fibre, sodium) according to Royal Decree 930/1992 “passing the labelling standard regarding the nutritional properties of food products”
  • Determination of allergens
  • Mycotoxins: aflatoxins, ochratoxin, DON, zearalenone, T-2, fumonisin
  • Functional nutrients
  • Oils and fats: acidity index, peroxide index, iodine number, K270 index, K232 index, omega fatty acids, trans fatty acids, sterols, polar compounds in oils
  • Food additives: preservatives, antioxidants, dyes, sweeteners
  • Qualitative determination of transgenics in foods (GMOs)
  • Persistent organic pollutants: dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, other organic pollutants
  • Residues of medicines and antibiotics
  • Volatile nitrogenated bases
  • Other toxic waste: metals (Hg, Pb, Cd, As, Sn, among others), solvents, pesticides in food and water
  • Migrations of materials in contact with food
  • Determination of suspended particles in the air
  • Analysis of drinking water, irrigation water, wastewater and sewage sludge

Image analysis

  • Identification of foreign bodies in products (organic and inorganic matter)
  • Identification of insects and other arthropods
  • Identification of excrements
  • Determinations by computer-aided image analysis (quality control of raw material and finished product): count of elements, analysis of shapes, measurements, surfaces, densities, textures, periodicity of structures, etc.; classification and automatic recognition of structures from patterns; development of image analysis application

Toxicological/biological tests

  • Acute toxicity (DL50)
  • Abnormal toxicity (safety test)
  • Local tolerance tests
  • Mucous membrane irritation tests (oral, rectal, vaginal...)

Consulting and advice

  • Design and implementation of food safety management systems: HACCP and certifiable standards (ISO 22000:2005, IFS, BRC, AIB and others)
  • Design and implementation of control plans: traceability, management of allergens, supplier management, water supply management, training, cleaning and disinfection, infrastructure
  • Verification of food safety management systems: sampling plans, audit programmes
  • Food legislation
  • Food hygiene: good manufacturing practices, hygienic design of facilities, etc.
  • Useful life of food products
  • Labelling of food products
  • General technical consulting
  • Consulting on non-conforming analytical results: corrective and/or preventive actions
  • Nutritional studies: nutrition composition and labelling (nutrition facts), functional foods and nutrients, personalised nutritional studies, diet design and diet therapy
  • Liaising with the competent health authorities


  • Health and hygiene audits: good manufacturing practices and facilities
  • Design of checklists for carrying out health and hygiene audits
  • Audits of food safety management systems: HACCP and certifiable standards
  • Supplier audits
  • Product audits

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