Laboratorio de análisis Echevarne

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry

GMP certified laboratory. Monitoring of Spanish, European and American Pharmacopoeia.

Quality Controls on raw materials and finished products

Microbiological control

  • Count
  • Identification of pathogens
  • Bacterial endotoxins (LAL)
  • Evaluation of antibiotics
  • Control of sterility
  • Preservative challenge test

Physical and chemical control

  • Quantification of active ingredients
  • Determination of residual solvents
  • Determination of ethylene oxide, dioxane residues
  • Determination of traces of metals
  • Determination of fatty acids in raw material
  • Determination of sterols in raw material
  • Disintegration test for capsules and tablets
  • Crystallinity
  • Injectable particles: subvisible and visible
  • Grain sizes

Control of medicinal plants

  • Thin-layer identification
  • Determination of metals
  • Determination of ash
  • Raw fibre
  • Determination of moisture content / dry extract
  • Determination of pesticides
  • Determination of mycotoxins
  • Determination of residual solvents

Control of purified and production water

  • Pyrogen testing
  • Microbiological control
  • Bacterial endotoxins (LAL)
  • Physical and chemical control

Control of classified rooms

  • Surface areas
  • Environments
  • Particles

Validation of analysis methods

Stability studies according to ICH

  • Microbiological assays
  • Physical and chemical assays
  • Photostability
  • Rental of climatic chambers

Determinations by computer-assisted image analysis

  • Count of elements
  • Analysis of shapes, measurements, surface areas, densities, textures, periodicity of structures, etc.
  • Classification and automatic recognition of structures from the establishment of patterns

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