Laboratorio de análisis Echevarne

Who are we?

At Echevarne Laboratory we have over 800 professionals in 46 of our own centres and over 400 partner centres throughout practically the whole of Spain, as well as Portugal and Andorra. We are experts in Clinical Analysis, Clinical Studies, Anatomical Pathology, Veterinary and Industry.

Since we first opened in 1958, we have always stood out for our technological innovation, being one of the leading and most advanced laboratories in Europe.

We are part of the Echevarne Group, a business holding that operates in the health sector and offers its services in the care, diagnostic and prevention spheres.

A team with over
800 professionals
Looking to the future with over
60 years of experience

We offer a comprehensive service, ranging from the most basic routine analyses to the most sophisticated molecular genetics.

Genetic Intolerance to Lactose and Fructose

Detects intolerance by means of a blood sample.

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Prostate Cancer

Genetic test to diagnose prostate cancer from a urine sample.

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Allows each treatment to be adjusted according to the genetic composition of the individual.

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Redox Profile

Determines how the antioxidant system is working.

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Periodontal disease

Molecular study to identify the main periodontal pathogenic bacteria.

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Melatonin Curve Test

Chronobiotic study to evaluate the circadian rhythm of melatonin to identify states of chronodisruption.

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No need to travel. Take the sample in the comfort of your own home. In a single click: the kit is sent, then collected, and the results are delivered by mail. The greatest innovation with the latest technology.

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