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Paternity Tests

Paternity Tests

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Paternity test

This test consists of comparing DNA from two or more samples to verify or disprove a parent/child relationship. There are two types of tests depending on the purpose of the information obtained: informative or legal. Informative or private test: The result is only communicated to the person requesting the test. Not all participants are identified, so it has no legal validity, and is totally confidential. Legal proof: The result can be used as evidence in trials. The identification of the participants is required, as is the monitoring of the chain of custody of the samples during the whole process to guarantee that it is impossible to tamper with them. The legal test differs from the informative test in that, in addition to providing information, it obliges participants to accept the results obtained by legal means, helping to solve cases related to civil, criminal and immigration law, in which supposed parents need to prove or disprove their biological paternity/maternity for different reasons (inheritance, separation, family regrouping, etc.).
  • Informative test 290€ + VAT / Legal test 350€ + VAT
  • 10 working days (Monday to Friday)
  • Model report

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