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Stress Test

Stress Test

Stress is the normal physiological response to stimuli that threaten or challenge our body. All these processes are regulated by hormonal axes. The physiological manifestation of adrenal stimulation is an increase in the concentration of cortisol, the effects of which are counteracted by the sulphated form of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-S). The good functioning of the system is guaranteed by the balance between both hormones.

The stress test allows levels of cortisol and DHEA to be compared with normal values, which provides information about the stress phase the patient is in.

What does it analyse?

The diagnosis of stress is made by determining the levels of cortisol and DHEA-S at different times of the day.

The report uses graphs to specify the biorhythm of the patient’s cortisol in 4 time bands (when samples are taken) and the average amounts of DHEA-S and cortisol.

  • 125€
  • Sample:
  • Volume:
    0,5 ml
  • Storage of sample:
  • Turnaround time:
    15 working days
    (May vary)


By means of a simple sample, levels of cortisol and DHEA are compared to determine whether the patient has a biological stress pattern.

What information does it provide?

People with symptoms of stress

People with symptoms of burnout

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