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NutriChip® is a test that allows knowing the genetic predisposition to obesity, as well as the impact of macronutrients and exercise on body weight. It serves to improve nutrition and customize nutritional plans more effectively and healthily, as it summarizes the dietary needs and physical activity of each person. It is a very useful supplement in the plans of weight loss or maintenance of body weight, in order to achieve healthy lifestyle habits.

For which patients is it useful?

  • People who want to lose weight in a effective and healthy way.
  • People who want to improve their lifestyle and well-being.
  • The test can be done by anyone at any age. The genetic profile of each individual does not change throughout life.
  • 225€
  • Turnaround time: 20-30 working days (monday to friday)


The study of these nutrigenetic markers allows:

  • Improve your weight control.
  • Know your response to the exercise.
  • Assess the risk to metabolic diseases.
  • Assess cardiovascular risk.
  • Propose more effective nutritional habits.

What analyzes?

It analyzes 19 genetic polymorphisms in 15 genes related to metabolism and exercise. Reports the weight status, the nutritional profile, habits and lifestyle, and the genetic variants present involved in the following processes:

  • Predisposition to gain weight.
  • Difficulty losing weight.
  • Efficiency burning fats.
  • Development of metabolic disorders.
  • Metabolism of macronutrients.
  • Regulation of appetite and satiety.
  • Biological clock.
  • Propensity to addictions and gluttony.
  • Sport.
  • Oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.


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