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SportChip® is a genetic test aimed at sports performance. Provides the necessary information to know what kind of training and nutritional guidelines may be best suited to achieve our goals at the sport level.

Which patients is it most useful for?

  • Sports people.
  • People with healthy life habits who want to improve and / or maintain their shape.


  • 399€
  • Turnaround time: 23 working days (monday to friday)




The study of these nutrigenetic markers allows:

  • It allows to develop the potential abilities of the athlete and reinforce the weak ones, optimizing the training.
  • Prescribe personalized nutritional strategies that adjust to the needs of each individual to increase the probability of success to reduce their body weight.


What does it analyse?

This test analyzes 42 genetic variants of 40 genes involved in:

  • Sport nutrition.
  • Physical performance.
  • Oxidation injuries.

The results report includes specific and personalized recommendations, taking into account the results of each of the sections.

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