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Food Intolerance 200 Test

Food Intolerance 200 Test

Test that determines the presence of igG antibodies in order to find out a person’s level of sensitivity to the different foods and food additives analysed.

Which patients is it most useful for?

  • People who have digestive and gastrointestinal symptoms, dermatological problems or inflammation after eating certain foods.
  • People who have some degree of sensitivity to different foods, but which is sometimes undetectable if they do not undergo a specific analysis.
  • 200€
  • Sample:
    Serum / Capillary blood
  • Volume:
    1 ml
  • Storage of sample:
  • Turnaround time:
    12 working days
    (May vary)


Different studies conducted with samples from thousands of patients have concluded that determining the antibodies can be a useful tool to identify food intolerances and in therapeutic application.

The results also show that the symptoms of affected patients improve significantly after an elimination diet.

What does it analyse?

The presence of specific IgG antibodies against 216 food extracts, using the immunoblot technique.

Firstly, the report provides an image of immunoblots, the technique used to perform this test. The different foods tested are then listed, grouped by food families and degree of reaction. The result of each food is expressed in units per mL and is represented graphically in the form of a bar chart proportional to the IgG rate and with a colour code according to the degree of reaction.

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